Following along with a selection of the documents pertaining to the Eng family we can piece together a family tree and history. For those interested in genealogy and finding ancestors the collection is rich with documents for research.

The personal historic documentation of Yu Pu Wu/Julio Eng is found in the little brown memo book. Culled below from the documents and family records we created a family tree. Some of the information is sketchy, and there is some indication that Eng Sep Nam and Jorge Eng Naur are the same person. The supporting documents paint a picture of this family. Julio Eng or Yu Pu Wu arrives in Cuba on the Blue Funnel Line in 1926. He makes a life for himself in Cuba and lives with a Cuban woman in 1931. They have three children in Cuba. In the collection there are also various papers indicating a sale of Cafeteria Wakamba in Havana and Wakamba Restaurant in Miami, Florida.

1899 Yu Pu Wu is born
1926 Yu Pu Wu comes to Cuba
1949 Yu Pu Wu, aka Julio Eng receives his citizenship papers in Cuba
1949 Julio Eng petitions for his first son, Eng Sep Nam, to come to Cuba due to political climate in China
1951 Julio Eng rents the top floor of an apartment building from Jankiel Waserstein
1954 Julio Eng petitions the Cuban government to allow his second son in China, Eng Cha Nam, to come to Cuba
1955 Julio Eng wires $1,204.64 for a passage ticket from Hong Kong
1955 Julio Eng passes a health exam, free of VD and tuberculosis
1959 Julio Eng pays his rent to same landlord as above
1960 We find his first son, Jorge Eng, aka Eng Sep Nam, being vaccinated with official certifications
1961 Jorge Eng is a member of the National Food Workers Union
1965 Julio Eng is a member of Quinta Covadonga Revolucionaria
1967 Julio Eng’s passport, listing him as having come through Mexico and birthplace as Canton, China
1969 We find Julio Eng’s fourth son, Alejandro Eng, working as a Public Administrator

Supporting documents in the digital archive of the James and Ana Melikian Collection with regard to the Eng family can be reviewed there.

Father Chup — Mother Lan

Patriarch: Yu Pu Wu/Julio Eng

B: 30 Oct 1899 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Migration to Cuba 6 April 1926 from Hong Kong on the Blue Funnel Line

M: 15 Oct 1920

First wife: Xin Ai Lau/Lui Xin Ai

The following are the three children with the first wife


Yong Hao Wu/Eng Yui Jau

B: 25 Jan 1922, China
M: Shi Kui Zhao


Zhuo Nan Wu/Eng Sep Nam

B: 5 Dec 1924 or 18 June 1924, China
M: 14 Feb 1948, the daughter of Huang Biao


Yao Nan Wu/Eng Chu Nam

B: 9 aug 1926, China

M: No marriage date

Second wife: Lai Sey Tang/San Hoy/Lau San Hoi

The following are the two children with the second wife, each son having two children


Jorge Eng Naur

B: 1 Oct 1924, China
M: Dora Rival


Alejandro Eng Naur

B: 11 Oct 1922, China
M: Sum Kim Wong, 23 Nov 1932


Eng Beng

B: 1942


Eng Tag

B: 1943


Milia Eng Naur

B: 30 Feb 1949, Cuba


Julian Eng Naur

B: 12 Jan 1954, Cuba

Living together since 1 April 1931 M: 23 July 1947

Third wife: no name recorded “That Western Woman”

The following are the three children with the third wife


Wu Yong Yu/Yong Yu Eng

B: 15 Dec 1933, Cuba


Wu Yong Zhu/Yong Zhu Eng

B: 29 Nov 1934, Cuba


Wu Huo Nan/Huo Nam Eng

B: 28 April 1936, Cuba